One day, Pusheen was eating when she heard a wail. There was Stormy, mewing loudly. "That Bodacious is sleeping in MY SPOT," she complained. Pusheen rolled her eyes. "Be nice to my friends, Stormy," she said. Bodacious turned over and swatted her tail. Stormy sighed and went over to her food bowl to discover all the food was gone! There was Skittles, finishing up the last crumb. Stormy started mewing again. Pusheen rushed in. "What now?" she asked. "Skittles ate my food!" Stormy cried. "Here, you can share my pizza," Pusheen offered. Stormy finished her half of the pizza and went to play with her toys only to discover that Ace had gotten there first. The toys were all chewed up and slobbery. "PUSHEEN!" Stormy cried. Stormy sighed. She went up to Ace and tapped him on the shoulder. Stormy could give up her bed, I suppose, and wasn't that hungry.. but give up her toys to a slobbery dog? No way! "'Scuse me, Ace, but I want my toys back,"She meowedAce turned slowly. "What did you say?" he barked in a low voice. Stormy gulped and repeated, "I want my toys back," Ace barked which sounded sort of like laughing."They're mine now," "Well, I suppose we can share them?" She offered. Ace ripped open her teddy bear and declined the offerStormy was really mad nowThat teddy had been her favorite! And it had also been Pusheen's favorite. Pusheen's ears perked up. She ran for the room. When she saw her teddy on the floor and stuffing everywhere, she eyed Ace and pounced, scratching furiously. Stormy slinked away. When she returned, she has a beautiful new teddy bear. She slowly walked up to Ace and dropped it at his feet. Ace's eyes widened. "For me?" Stormy nodded silently. Pusheen smiled proudly down at her little sister, and Ace and Stormy have gotten along ever since.

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