Pusheen was lazily finishing a doughnut when she heard a knock at the door. “Come in!” she yelled from the living room. Bodacious scrambled into the house, panting. Chika and Pascal soon piled in after her. “There’s someone new in the neighborhood!” Chika shouted. “Hm?” Pusheen said, with mild curiosity. Pascal spoke up. “Pusheen, we don’t know who this new inhabitant of the neighborhood is! It could be a dog!” he finished. Pascal had been raised by Chika, who had found him hidden in the family garden, and even though he was a hedgehog, he was raised like a cat and acted like one. “Ace is nice, for a dog,” Pusheen stated, unafraid. “That doesn’t mean all dogs will be nice!” Chika spat. Chika and Bodacious (best friends) were both very afraid of dogs and still warming up to Ace. Pusheen stretched and finally got up. “Well, what do you want me to do about it?” she asked, slightly grumpy from being interrupted from eating. “Pusheen, you’re the best double agent we can find. You aren’t jumpy around dogs, like the rest of us,” Pascal said. “We’ll give you this warm meat-lovers pizza if you help,” Bodacious said. That got Pusheen convinced. “Alright, I’m in,” she said. “Yay!” Chika cheered. “If you’re going to help, you’ll need this,” Pascal said, handing Pusheen a monocle and top hat. Pusheen put them on and ventured out to the house with the “SOLD” sign in the front. She knocked on the door. Through the corner of her eye, Pusheen saw something brown and furry. Even brave Pusheen started getting nervous. She shook it off and knocked harder on the door. A human with long hair and glasses opened the door. “Well, Skittles! A new neighbor has come to say hello,” the human said, turning to the brown furry thing. The brown furry thing, Skittles, scurried away quickly. “Oh, I’m sorry, she’s shy,” the owner said. “You’ll have to go home now, come back later and maybe Skittles will warm up to you,” the owner finished, ushering Pusheen out the door. “Bye!” she finished before slamming the door. Pusheen felt discouraged. “Mark my whiskers, I will find out more!” she vowed.

The End (or is it..?!)

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