The Pusheen Cooking How-Tos are multiple gif comics representing Pusheen teaching how to cook in her own special way.

Pizza: A How-ToEdit

  1. Read recipe- Shows Pusheen wearing a chef hat and looking at a piece of paper. She has her paw on her chin, thinking.
  2. Get ingredients- Shows Pusheen crawling into a brown paper bag. Next to the bag, are two tomatoes (on the left) and a block of cheese (on the right).
  3. Preheat oven- Shows Pusheen next to an oven. Orange lines representing heat are emitting from it.
  4. Make a huge mess because you are a cat- Pusheen's chef hat is off. She is rolling on flat pizza dough and is surrounded by pieces of cheese and tomatoes.
  5. Order a pizza- Pusheen is on a laptop. The cursor is hovering over a green button on a pizza website. Next to her is a blue credit card.
  6. Success!!!- Pusheen is laying down in a pizza box eating a pepperoni pizza.

Cookies: A How-ToEdit

  1. Want cookies- Pusheen's eyes are wide open with three exclamation points above her.
  2. Choose a recipe- Pusheen's chef hat is on. In her paws, she is holding a blue book.
  3. Mix the stuff- Pusheen has a spoon in her paws. It is in a pink bowl full of cookie dough. Next to the bowl, is a blue and white striped bag and a broken eggshell.
  4. Add candy- Shows an orange and white bag of cat treats being poured out. There are two shaped like O's and one shaped like an X.
  5. Taste the dough- Pusheen has a spoonful of dough. She is currently chewing some dough.
  6. All of it- Pusheen's spoon is empty and so is the bowl. There are sparkles surrounding her. Pusheen is feeling content.

How to make a muffinEdit

  1. You will need a bowl- Pusheen is wearing her chef hat. She is looking down into a light pink bowl with dark pink stripes.
  2. Get in that bowl- Pusheen is gleeful tilting the bowl, trying to get in it.
  3. Nice work- Pusheen is sitting in the bowl. Her tail and paws are not showing. Pusheen has a content look on her face.

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