Pusheen's Mom together with Pusheen's Dad are the parents of Pusheen the cat. She is a large creme colored cat with pink blush and caramel stripes down her back and tail. She was seen in the "I <3 my mom," gif on the Pusheen site. Her relationship partner may have been a different breed due to the difference between Pusheen's Mom and herself.

Pusheen: the origin storyEdit

There was a comic called "Pusheen: the origin story", meaning the origin story of Pusheen. Pusheen's Dad and Pusheen's Mom appeared young in the comic. Tumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o1 500Tumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o2 250Tumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o3 250Tumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o4 250Tumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o5 250Tumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o6 250Tumblr mkaniwWe8F1qhy6c9o7 250

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