Lazy Costume Ideas is a collection of gifs created for Halloween.

The GifsEdit

There are two variations of Lazy Costume Ideas. One is "Lazy Costume Ideas (for your cat)" and the other is simply "Lazy Costume Ideas".

Lazy Costume Ideas (for your cat)Edit

  • A Mummy- Shows Pusheen wrapped in toilet paper
  • A Ghost- Shows Pusheen covered by loosely fitting sheet with a hole for her eye
  • A Box- Shows Pusheen underneath an upside down box
  • A Witch- Shows Pusheen sitting on a broom
  • A Superhero- Shows Pusheen with an orange towel tied around her neck
  • A Monster- Shows Pusheen destroying the objects used for the previous costumes

Lazy Costume IdeasEdit

  • A Leaf- Shows Pusheen surrounded by leaves with an orange one on her stomach
  • A Burrito- Shows Pusheen wrapped in a yellow blanket with white spots
  • A Treat- Shows Pusheen crawling into an orange trick or treat bag that has a jack-o-lantern face on it
  • A Pie- Shows Pusheen sitting in a pink pie tin
  • A People- Shows Pusheen in an orange shirt with pink pants to the side, Stormy is in the sleeve to represent a hand